Platform-Roof-Fall-Protection „Mobile“

The Platform-Roof-Fall-Protection Mobile gets easy and fast assembled and is equipped with 2 chassis and fixing breaks. The espacially for works on platform roofs designed fall protection may be used on roofs with a slope of max 7° and a max. height of building of 40 m. Within the working area of 4.5 m the worker is perfectly secured against falling. If the working place gets deflected, you simply move the Platform-Roof-Fall- Protection-Mobile to your new working place. You can resign on additional safety constructions like scaffolding. The working area at the attic remains free accessible. Because of the short errection time and the easy handling, the Platform-Roof- Fall-Protection „Mobile“ is the perfect fall protection for works at the attic, tinner works, lighting rod works and all removation of the platform roof. The strong and galvanized design allow a long durability even under hard working cenditions and redeem within shortest time through time saving for assemby and dismounting. The Platform- Roof-Fall-Protection „Mobile“ can be expanded up to 3 bays = total length of 13.50 m.