Roofers Protection „Quick“-Plus

The Roofers-Protection Quick Plus applies DIN EN 13374 class A and C and allows the assembly of a roofers protection on roofs with up to 60° slope. The Guard Rail post can be assembled in 70° and 90° angle, so that usage as a fall protection on flat roofs is possible. The Roofers-Protection Quick Plus is consisting of 2 parts, which allows mounting of a complete roof covering by only one person. By using the special locking gadget, the Roofers-Protection Quick Plus can bis dismanteld while standing on the roof. You can use Scaffold tubes or bards (3 x 15 cm) for assembly to the guard rail post. The Wedge Tube Coupler allows an additional attachment of Scaffold Tube, Lattice Girders or Scaffold Ladders.