Verge-Fall-Protection light

The ALTRAD Baumann Verge Fall Protection light is the perfect verge securing devices and has the following advantages:

  • low weight of only 5.9 kg
  • simple and functional construction
  • assembly and dismounting with only 1 person from the roof possible
  • by using scaffold tubes and couplers, the guard rail post can be adjusted in height continuously
  • Alu-Scaffold-Tube as vertical guard rail post for attachment of couplers or guard rail clamps
  • max distance with boards (min. 3x15 cm) 2.00 m. With Scaffold tubes (Ø 48,3 mm) max distance 3.00 m
  • max distance with Alu-Scaffold-ladders 4.7 m
  • the Verge Fall Protection light may be used for max. height of building of 40 m